24 févr. 2011

Not in my backyard!

Inspired by an article in today's 24 Hours. 

Not in my backyard!
  So where?

They want to bring a homeless shelter
to St-Alban's church


Not in our backyard!
   the condo owners say
We've paid for a certain level of comfort
A certain standard of life.

Not in our backyard
  they say
This is not the right spot.
These homeless people
  they scare the young girls and the elderly.

Not in our backyard
It's the wrong place to put it.

So where?

They don't say

All the neighbourhoods
are "gentrifying"

Not in this backyard
Not in that one

So .... where?

Maybe we need to rethink
 how we can help
Maybe we need to take a look
  in our own backyards
and see what we can do
  to share our space
and see how we can find
between the condo owners
and the homeless.

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