28 avr. 2015


Distract me

Help me forget
Fill my ears with nonsense
so I don't have to hear them pleading.

Just for a while
Help me forget
Fill my eyes with a blur of colours and ridiculous images
so I don't have to see
the ugly truth.

For as long as possible
Let me forget
Fill my mind with drivel
so I don't have to think
and wonder
what I can do to help.


Help me forget.

Drown me in music
Let me fly so high
I won't see the world below

Distract me
Make me laugh so hard
I can no longer hear the cries of the grieving

Spin me round
allow me to dance
until my feet bled
until my knees break
until I can no longer breathe
no longer feel
no longer think

And I collapse
like a big lump
on the dance floor
Unaware of the crowd
gathering outside
begging for help.

Help me forget
Make me numb

The weight of the world
feels too heavy for my little shoulders

And I need
to sleep
to rest
to forget

To believe
Everything will be alright
in the morning.

23 avr. 2015


Distract me 

Help me forget
Make me believe that it's not as bad as it seems.
Make me believe that
       Together We Can Do So Much
and that there's still hope
for a better world.

Pull the blinds down
Block out the world
and the news
   of war
     and hate
         and destruction.

Block out the ignorance that rules most of this
      Wonderful World
we live in.

Take me in your arms
Hold me
Until nothing is left
   but you
   and me 
   and love. 

I want to be ignorant.
I don't want to know
that we're headed toward destruction.

At least for a moment, let me keep my head down
and ignore the cries of the lost
  the hurt
     the mislead.

Cover my ears with your loving hands 
so all I can hear are your slow breaths
    in time 
         with my own.

Cover my eyes
so all I can see are the lines on the palms of your hands
telling the story of your life.

Cover my lips with your own
so there is nothing left to be said
no words to remind us of the outside world.

And together
  we will step off the wheel
for a moment            or an eternity. 

Leave the race behind
and forget our humanity.

Just for a moment
Make me forget.