6 déc. 2010


Finally, a new poem. I've been writing for other projects lately, but that shouldn't stop me from writing for this blog more often. This one was partly inspired by a workshop I did this weekend, and partly from just sitting in a sushi restaurant, listening. 

     and then a swelling
  of sound
filling every little space.

Everything is moving
    and flowing
and binding and bonding
with each other.

And then     Silence
and stillness
and peace.
    filling every little space.

A moving cacophony of silent stillness
for something to happen
   for the next step
towards     a new movement
a new piece   a new scene     a new colour
to add
  to the symphony of life
of humanity
   moving flowing
  reaching and bumping
into each other

like little atoms
like little drops of water
moving   together
a moment of stillness to fill the room
the space    we inhabit
  in the Universe

ever flowing
something new
   and exciting
       and scary
and yet
      so beautiful
this symphony       of life.