2 févr. 2011

Look up!

Look up!
No, really, look up.
Over the store facades
over the shop windows
over the flashy signs

Up there
where modernity hasn't quite caught up yet
Up there
where the paint is peeling
where stone faces grimace down at us
  from a time almost forgotten
when buildings were decorated with care

Look up!
You may be surprised
to find sculpted wreaths
old names
  almost erased by time
a date
a window
   that's been blocked off

Look up!
There's a history right there
waiting to be seen

And then
look way up
to the glass towers
  looming above
the future
  looking down upon us
full of promise
  when the sun hits them just right

Look up!
You might learn something new
about this city
   you know so well.

3 commentaires:

  1. a little higher up... to the sky and the clouds and the stars...

  2. Mario: Contente de savoir que je ne suis pas seule!

    Marine: But of course! I just want people to look at things they usually ignore, and I think people will more likely look up to the beautiful sky, than look at the details of a building with a forgotten history.