1 févr. 2017

Lost city

A little something I wrote in October, but don't remember writing! Those texts are often my favourite, pulled from the depths of my subconscious... 

Wandering among the trees, I found a lost city. She called to me in a voice I thought I recognised from a dream.
Come to me she said.
I'm waiting.
So I put down my bags, let go of my compass, and walked towards the voice.

The streets were empty and bright but still I walked on, called by a sound I couldn't define.
It was a song. I recognised it as I turned the corner. It was the song if my lover, the one I had left behind, the one I hadn't met yet, the one I had been hoping for.

So I hurried to that voice, to that song, and the streets were suddenly filled with memories of future stories that I didn't know.

And across the road, there she was. With her familiar smile and her hopeful eyes. And the stories we still had to invent.

And as the light grew dim and time stood still we danced and we danced in the city of my dreams.