8 avr. 2011


Nothing to do with my city, this poem is more tongue-in-cheek... but that doesn't make it less true!

I like glasses

Well, I like other people's glasses. I tend not to think about my own.

But I like glasses.
Reading glasses, especially.

I like the way people put them on
                        take them off
           put them back on
              and then push them down their nose.
I like to watch people
       playing with their glasses
   folding them     opening them
           almost without noticing them.
I like the sound they make
    the click click clicking
         of plastic against plastic
    the tick tick ticking
          of metal against metal.
I like to see the sheepish look
     that appears on someone's face
            when they put their glasses on to read the fine print.
I like the way glasses
                           change a face.
I like to watch someone
        push their glasses on top of their head
                         and then look for them frantically.
I like to see someone
         neatly folding their glasses
                  and putting them back in their case.
I like the nervous gestures
                                  some people make
                putting their glasses down
            picking them up again
                  opening and closing their arms
                               click click tick
        biting their ends pensively
              putting them back on
                  up and down the nose they go
         then up onto the head
                                    holding the hair in place.

And the smiles
   And the looks
       And the comments and excuses

"I'm getting old"
"My eyes aren't what they used to be"

I like glasses.

I like the stories they uncover
  and the faces they transform.

2 commentaires:

  1. Très imagé. Je vois les gestes. Toutes les raisons que j'aime mes verres de contact!

  2. humm, ça me rapelle une discussion récente...
    en tout cas, n'abondonne pas, tu ne sais pas quand quelqu'un "écoutera".