25 févr. 2012

A history of violence

Well, it's been a while. I've written a few beginnings of poems, but nothing I was particularly happy about. Not enough to post here, at least. 
Here's a new one. It could use some work, but I like where it's going, and I figured it was time I posted a new poem!

My city has a history of violence
And my city was born out of fear
   fear of invasion
       of attacks
So they built a canal
hoping this would keep them safe.
But from the canal there grew a new town
A shanty town of rough Irishmen
A Lowertown of brothels and taverns
An Uppertown of merchants and Protestants
And in this little town of Colonel By's
the riots
the drinking
the fires
Made it the most dangerous little town in North America
Lock your doors
Don't speak out
The Shiners are coming
And they're angry
And they're drunk
And they're looking for a fight.

4 commentaires:

  1. I'll be interested to see where this goes. a number of possible directions from here.

  2. Quelle coincidence... I'm also curious to see where this goes...!

  3. And the canal workers brought scary Malaria - I think.

    I love the poem.

  4. True, another fear to add to the list! Though I think, from what I heard, it was the soldiers coming back from India who brought the swamp fever... Something to look into.